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posted by GM Fan on Mar 10

The time for housekeeping has come for General Motors. Approximately 200 cars were auctioned in Scottsdale, Ariz. The cars were from the manufacturer’s Heritage Fleet. The auction was done at Barrett-Jackson collector car auction.

They have been doing this kind of movement in the past. It has been a normal housekeeping for them as part of the whole process.

Included in the auction was a 1996 Buick Custom Blackhawk (photo right). Up for grabs at that time was the 2000 Buick Custom Blackhawk which was sold at $475,000. A 1904 Oldsmobile Turning Runaboout was even sold. Truly a housekeeping stage for General Motors.

For the racers, two Pennzoil-liveried IRL race cars were included in the auction. A Chevy S-10 stadium race truck was also auctioned along with the 1998 Chevy S-10 drag truck.

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