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posted by GM Fan on Apr 5

Problematic financial books of the General Motors forced it to delay the development of an advanced 4.5L diesel engine for their line of light duty trucks.

The engine is designed with cylinder heads that eliminate the exhaust and intake manifolds. The castings of the journals of the crankshaft bearing and oil circulation set up are also especially engineered.

This engine with a very lightweight block is due under the hood of the next generation Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. If the production of the engine would have pushed through next fall, these vehicles would have been more fuel efficient.

The move to delay the production of the engine in Tonawanda New York is just one of the desperate moves of the autoworld giant to stay afloat amid the rough hits of the financial crisis. GM has been trying to sell off some assets, get rid of some brands to create a miracle after four years of being non-profitable.

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