posted by GM Dog on Aug 3

Selected dealerships of Chevrolet across the United States gets equipped with solar panels to help charge up Chevrolet Volts and also help with the power supply of the site. The structure is called the Green Zone which is aimed at helping dealerships have the flexibility in charging up their vehicles and also emphasizing the commitment of the company to renewable energy.

Chevrolet dealerships in Grand Blanc, MI and Modesto, CA are the first dealerships to get the Green Zone structure. According to the owner of the dealership in Grand Blanc, the solar canopy actually helps reduce their cost of operation and also decrease their carbon footprint.

An insider from General Motors explains that one solar canopy can charge a Chevrolet Volt 4,00 times in a year. The Green Zone project traces its roots from the initiative of GM Ventures and investment of around $7.5 million with Sunlogics, a company that manufactures and develops solar panels.

The solar canopy can actually generate electricity enough to power 2 to 3 homes annually. Looking at the numbers, that will be about 25% of energy consumption of a Chevrolet dealership.

General Motors is actually among the leaders of renewable energy users in the automotive sector. The company boasts of the biggest rooftop solar panel installations in the United States. It also has the biggest solar installations for a car factory in Spain. They also have started building a solar field in the Detroit Hamtramck facility and have completed a solar setup in their Baltimore facility.