posted by GM Fan on Jan 16

2012-Sierra-1500-DenaliApart from the badges, there is a very small difference between the current editions of the GMS Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado. This will not be the case anymore when GM releases the new version of the GMC Sierra which will be positioned in the more upscale market compared to the Silverado which shares the same platform.

Although the GMC Sierra is being marketed as a more high-end alternative to the Silverado, there is only a mere difference of $500 between some models. The incentives too during the purchase are similar for the Sierra and the Silverado.

So the market may distinguish the two trucks, GM will inject into the next gen Sierra more standard features compared to its sibling Silverado. The pricing will also be higher. According to a GM insider, the different models and equipment will have different approaches and the company is determined to widen the distance between the two brands.

GM will also implement styling changes that will contribute to the needed gap between the Silverado and the Sierra. .

The Chevrolet Silvarado and the GMC Sierra will be rolling out in 2013.