posted by GM Fan on Apr 23

General Motors Co. is adding a little something to their Cadillacs which no other car model has at the moments: a collision alert system. The said system is said to be installed in the GM’s ATS, SRX, and SRX models. These work with sensors and allow the driver to privately get warning signals just in case they’re about to collide with another vehicle. Privacy is a key to these alarm systems as no consumer would like to cause panic among passengers. This way, drivers can avoid accidents without scaring everyone in the car.

Exactly how does this collision alarm system work? A part of the whole collision alarm system is the haptic vibrating seats. Whenever the vehicle is about to crash into another object or vehicle, the driver’s seat vibrates. This way, the driver is given time to think and to make sure that the collision won’t happen. While it hasn’t been strictly tested, the car manufacturer is positive this idea would be well accepted by their clients.

Models carrying this collision alert system will be released very soon. The 2013 XTS is slated to be out in the market by May, the 2013 ATS will be out by August, and the 2013 XRS by the first part of next year. The alarm collision system is actually just a part of the bigger Driver’s Assist Package.  Aside from the collision alert system, there is also an alert system for blind zones, rear cross-traffic, lane-departure, and so much more.

The car manufacturer also showed off an attractive feature of its automated test SRX. This is the SuperCruise allows the cruise to be “adapted” according to the steering habits of the driver, and the feedback coming from the cameras and sensors.

The pricing of these vehicles has not yet been released to the public.