posted by GM Fan on Jul 11

GM_Facebook_pageGeneral Motors is negotiating with Facebook to resume their advertising via the social media platform. GM put on halt their advertising on the website amounting to $10 million a day before the IPO of Facebook. GM is among the biggest advertiser on the site.

The previous withdrawal of the automotive company somehow embarrassed the social media giant and raised some doubts about the benefits of advertisements on Facebook that currently has 800 million registered users across the globe.

The chief executive of GM, Daniel Akerson, met with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and other executives to discuss the possible comeback of the car brand. GM has not made any decision as yet and wants proof of the benefits of Facebook’s paid advertising.

Last May, GM said that the advertising on Facebook has been ineffective, but the brand maintained its presence on the site thru several fan pages. The automotive giant has been spending $10 million every year for the ad placements on Facebook while allotting $30 million for their fan pages. The budget though is just a fraction of what the company spends for their advertisements across the global market amounting to $4 billion.

Facebook is still working hard to convince Wall Street of the effectiveness of their advertisements.

Ford Motor meanwhile has been known as a strong backer of Facebook and has been pouring their budget for ads on the website. Ford has about 10 million followers across the world for its fan pages. The main page alone has more than 1.5 million followers while the Mustang has 4.2 million.

Chrysler also does not plan to stop their ads on Facebook. The Jeep fan page has more than 2.7 million followers while the Dodge page has about 1.3 million. The Chevrolet page is being followed by 1.2 million people; the GMC page by 685,000; and the Buick fan page by 420,000 uses. The corporate page of GM has more than 300,000 followers.