posted by GM Fan on Mar 22

Tony CervoneAfter his impressive handling of the company’s bankruptcy rumors, Tony Cervone, former No. 2 of General Motors’ global public relations division, leaves his post to join the top ranks of United Airlines.

Cervone, 46, was chosen to become the new senior vice president and chief communications officer of UAL Corp. This is the parent company of the United Airlines.

As of today, there is no news yet about Cervone’s successor in GM. Right before he left the company, he was able to ask for a $13.4 billion federal loan from the government under former Pres. George W. Bush’s term. General Motors was able to get $9.4 billion before the aid was abruptly stopped by the White House very recently.

Cervone was chosen by United Airlines Corporation because of his great leadership and team playing skills. The General Motors save certainly proved to be a golden feather on Tony Cervone’s cap.

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posted by GM Fan on Mar 10

The time for housekeeping has come for General Motors. Approximately 200 cars were auctioned in Scottsdale, Ariz. The cars were from the manufacturer’s Heritage Fleet. The auction was done at Barrett-Jackson collector car auction.

They have been doing this kind of movement in the past. It has been a normal housekeeping for them as part of the whole process.

Included in the auction was a 1996 Buick Custom Blackhawk (photo right). Up for grabs at that time was the 2000 Buick Custom Blackhawk which was sold at $475,000. A 1904 Oldsmobile Turning Runaboout was even sold. Truly a housekeeping stage for General Motors.

For the racers, two Pennzoil-liveried IRL race cars were included in the auction. A Chevy S-10 stadium race truck was also auctioned along with the 1998 Chevy S-10 drag truck.

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posted by GM Fan on Feb 28

Robert “Maximum Bob” Lutz, the celebrated product man, says goodbye to General Motors.

Maximum Bob has been with the car company since 2001, who first served as the vice chairman for the global marketing development, and he is greatly known – when he is not aboard on fighter planes – for designing and planning the Chevy Volt concept from scratch to its early stage of conceptualization.

Maximum Bob announced that he will step down from his position and Thomas Stephens will be the one who will take the position. Stepping down from the position on General Motors is not the end of Bob’s function as the product czar, for he will continue to give his opinion to the company with regards to product-related issues from April up to the end of this year. General Motors said that he will retire for good at the end of 2009.

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posted by GM Fan on Feb 5

One of the most anticipated cars this summer is not rolling out of the assembly line. GM is delaying the release of Cadillac’s CTS Coupe until Summer of 2010.

GM executives cite the bad economic climate which influenced them to review their overall strategy. Moving the production schedule of the CTS coupe a year later is part of their new plans.

The CTS coupe was one of the cars that made the media circle and car enthusiast buzzing during the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. It was recognized by press circles and websites as the best concept car in the show.

The CTS coupe was shown in a private gathering to journalists on a per invitation basis last August of 2008 during a party held in line with the Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance held in California.

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posted by GM Fan on Jan 17

General Motors kicked off with the expansion of the Invest in America program where 90 million credit union members can take advantage of the Credit Union Member Discount Program through participating dealers.

GMThe scheme also allows union members to access loans for purchasing new vehicles. GM will be able to reach out to members of around 8000 credit unions across all states and gives them discount for new car purchases. They may also tap into the available $80 billion easy to the pocket credit union auto loans.

The move of the GM follows their trial expansion in four Midwest states early December of 2008.

Chrysler LLC also widens its coverage of credit union programs as it is now available nationwide growing from 12 states.

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posted by GM Fan on Jan 2

tiger woods buickIt was an amicable and mutual decision for Tiger Woods and General Motors when they came up with a decision to end the long time partnership signed to last until December 2009. GM is cost cutting amid the economic crunch while Tiger Woods wants to spend more time with his family.

The relationship between the legendary golfer and car manufacturer ends after almost a decade of endorsement. Wood was the prime mover of promoting the Buick to younger drivers while he rose to stardom in the world of golf. During his first stint as the Buick image model in 2000, Tiger Woods became the youngest player to conquer all the four major golf tournaments.

During his endorsement years, Woods appeared in a lot of endorsements for GM and his golf bag prominently displayed the Buick logo.

According to media experts, the deal with Woods might have cost GM a hefty $7.5 million a year. This was well worth it since Woods helped the brand be known internationally.

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posted by GM Fan on Dec 26

Fisker automotive is teaming up with General Motors to power its hybrid sedan coined the Karma. The plug-in sedan will be powered by a 2.0L Ecotec engine which will trigger a generator to run the car after the Karma runs 50 miles on its battery. This technology is called the Q drive which was exclusively developed by Quantum Technologies for Fisker.

The Karma which may source some of its parts from the Powertrain Integration LLC unit of GM is scheduled to debut come the Detroit Auto Show in January 2009.

fisker gm hybrid

The hybrid car from Fisker will race from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds and will have a top speed of 125 mph. It will also utilize a regenerative braking to optimally utilize energy during deceleration.

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posted by GM Fan on Nov 15

General Motors are delaying the production of the Chevrolet Cruze and other vehicles as company executives are making decisions on a day to day basis. The cut in product development finances will save GM a hefty $1.5 billion.

In the recent weeks, the company has announced to the public that it will be cutting its budget for product line expansion for as much as two years with a greater percentage of belt-tightening happening in 2009.

Experts see the move as an anxious step to stay afloat amid the credit crunch. This means that dealerships will not get the cars that they are supposed to sell on time, cars which will help GM recover.

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posted by GM Fan on Nov 15

The financial crisis takes its toll on the global economy with the US car industry feeling the grip on its neck. Car manufacturers have reported major losses and seek urgent help from the federal government but the Bush administration rejected the low interest loan sought for by the industry.

President-elect Barack Obama dances to the same tune playing during his campaign recognizing the need for more loans for the car industry. Obama revealed during a television interview that he has delegated his staff to study the potential solutions to the looming crisis making life difficult for car producers.

The auto industry is identified by the US president-elect to be the spine of American manufacturing and promises to prioritize the problem if the Congress will not be able to take action during their November 17 session.

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