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About a week ago, General Motors denied that it will be licensing the Synergy Drive hybrid system of Toyota. Over the weekend, there are rumors that Toyota might be pushing the Prius over to the GM camp and be re-branded wearing a GM badge.

The picture is not that clear especially when one considers the effort of GM in developing the Volt and the Buick crossover. But with the announcement of General Motors that it will be withdrawing from its partnership with Toyota at the NUMMI or New United Motor Manufacturing Incorporated, the move of re-branding the Prius may be a logical move.

The withdrawal was made after a final agreement as to which future product line up should be developed cannot be made between the two parties.

A spokesperson from GM North America informed the press that the joint venture between Toyota and their company has no future units planned for production.

The Prius though is already set for production at the California NUMMI plant since the plans of doing it at Mississippi did not materialize. The production at the NUMMI factory will also allow Prius to meet the increasing demand for hybrid vehicles.

The re-branding of the Toyota Prius is a great offer that might be too good to decline. Some worry though that with all the paper works, approval, and production, the re-branding of the Prius as a GM product may intersect with the timeline of the Volt which is due for release by late 2010. Toyota on the other hand is sure to be very happy with this development… ;-)

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