posted by GM Fan on Mar 22

Tony CervoneAfter his impressive handling of the company’s bankruptcy rumors, Tony Cervone, former No. 2 of General Motors’ global public relations division, leaves his post to join the top ranks of United Airlines.

Cervone, 46, was chosen to become the new senior vice president and chief communications officer of UAL Corp. This is the parent company of the United Airlines.

As of today, there is no news yet about Cervone’s successor in GM. Right before he left the company, he was able to ask for a $13.4 billion federal loan from the government under former Pres. George W. Bush’s term. General Motors was able to get $9.4 billion before the aid was abruptly stopped by the White House very recently.

Cervone was chosen by United Airlines Corporation because of his great leadership and team playing skills. The General Motors save certainly proved to be a golden feather on Tony Cervone’s cap.

According to UAL President and CEO Glenn Tilton, Tony Cervone is just what the company needs to better communicate UAL’s business plans to the government and the general public.

Tony Cervone will be handling all internal and external communications in UAL. He will be at the head of UAL’s partnership communications, crisis communications, and public & media relations.

Before the UAL appointment, Cervone was considered a candidate for the succession of retiring GM PR Chief Steve Harris. Cervone was officially appointed senior VP and chief communications officer in UAL last February 4 in Chicago.

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