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Robert “Maximum Bob” Lutz, the celebrated product man, says goodbye to General Motors.

Maximum Bob has been with the car company since 2001, who first served as the vice chairman for the global marketing development, and he is greatly known – when he is not aboard on fighter planes – for designing and planning the Chevy Volt concept from scratch to its early stage of conceptualization.

Maximum Bob announced that he will step down from his position and Thomas Stephens will be the one who will take the position. Stepping down from the position on General Motors is not the end of Bob’s function as the product czar, for he will continue to give his opinion to the company with regards to product-related issues from April up to the end of this year. General Motors said that he will retire for good at the end of 2009.

Critics said that the most closely connected product for Maximum Bob at General Motors is the Volt. This is an extended line of electric cars that the company has been totally working out for two years. Is Maximum Bob’s departure a threat to the GM Green Car? The product czar declared that the project will be complete and it is certainly 100% safe on the track.

However, many critics said that Maximum Bob’s departure is a break point for General Motors. He is widely recognized as the most influential and greatest thing a car manufacturing company could have and his talent is not that easy to replace.

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