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posted by GM Fan on Jan 17

General Motors kicked off with the expansion of the Invest in America program where 90 million credit union members can take advantage of the Credit Union Member Discount Program through participating dealers.

GMThe scheme also allows union members to access loans for purchasing new vehicles. GM will be able to reach out to members of around 8000 credit unions across all states and gives them discount for new car purchases. They may also tap into the available $80 billion easy to the pocket credit union auto loans.

The move of the GM follows their trial expansion in four Midwest states early December of 2008.

Chrysler LLC also widens its coverage of credit union programs as it is now available nationwide growing from 12 states.

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posted by GM Fan on Jan 2

tiger woods buickIt was an amicable and mutual decision for Tiger Woods and General Motors when they came up with a decision to end the long time partnership signed to last until December 2009. GM is cost cutting amid the economic crunch while Tiger Woods wants to spend more time with his family.

The relationship between the legendary golfer and car manufacturer ends after almost a decade of endorsement. Wood was the prime mover of promoting the Buick to younger drivers while he rose to stardom in the world of golf. During his first stint as the Buick image model in 2000, Tiger Woods became the youngest player to conquer all the four major golf tournaments.

During his endorsement years, Woods appeared in a lot of endorsements for GM and his golf bag prominently displayed the Buick logo.

According to media experts, the deal with Woods might have cost GM a hefty $7.5 million a year. This was well worth it since Woods helped the brand be known internationally.

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